SexJapanTV sjt_25000-2-def-1 WHEN BOOTIES GO BALLISTIC

SexJapanTV sjt_25000-2-def-1 WHEN BOOTIES GO BALLISTIC
Here’s another sweet and kinky cavalcade of trumpeting sphincters, courtesy of Japan’s loveliest booty tooters. When our first gassy young thing rips off a loud angry fart you don’t know whether to get a closer look or head for the hills! But they’re so sweet and pretty, and it’s just a puckered hole doing what comes naturally!!

The second in our symphony of sonic boomers grabs her tummy like something’s stopped up inside there. Her relief comes when she bends over with her ass in our face. She fires off a loud juicy rip with one leg lifted. Waving away the powerful fragrance, she leans in and pulls off her panties so we see the smooth, perfect asshole puff up and swell before her volcanic eruption of pungent lady fart comes out with a bang.

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