SexJapanTV sjt_25000-1-def-1 TOOTERS

SexJapanTV sjt_25000-1-def-1 TOOTERS
Watch out when a lovely Japanese lady grabs her midsection and aims her rump towards you. She could be getting ready to fire off a toot. These beauties show us their smooth pretty asses and yank down their thongs so we see every delectable feature of their undercarriage. Crack open, booty puckered and legs spread wide apart. With a smile they expel a puff of gaseous gastric relief right at us. It’s so closeup and sharply focused you can almost smell the pungent perfume. The pucker swells and pops open and a hearty toot rips through the air.

This almost rude behavior would be a little offensive if the pretty Asian women weren’t so darned sweet about the whole thing. They giggle and offer up a shy smile when they share this private activity. The second young lady in our compilation is even careful to show off the inside of her panties–squeaky clean and no skid marks. But the sharp scent lingers and she brushes it away with a wave of her hand. Who knows if they’re exaggerating? Let’s hope that tooting sound is greater than its fury.

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